Description definition and meaning | Collins English …

Description definition: A description of someone or something is an account which explains what they are or what... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Descriptive Writing Definition and Examples

In composition, description is a rhetorical strategy using sensory details to portray a person, place, or thing. Description is used in many different types of nonfiction, including essays, biographies, memoirs, nature writing, profiles, sports writing, and travel writing . Description is one of the progymnasmata (a sequence of classical ...

Description Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary

Britannica Dictionary definition of DESCRIPTION. 1. : a statement that tells you how something or someone looks, sounds, etc. : words that describe something or someone. [count] Reporters called the scene "a disaster area," and I think that was an accurate description. I applied for the position after reading the job description.

How to create the right meta description • Yoast

What is a meta description? The meta description is an HTML tag you can set for a post or page of your website. In it, you can use roughly 155 characters to describe what your page is about. If you're lucky, Google will show it beneath your page's title in the search results. It allows you to convince search engine users that your page will ...

Description definition in American English | Collins …

1. variable noun A description of someone or something is an account which explains what they are or what they look like. Police have issued a description of the man …

description in French

description translate: description [feminine], description, description, sorte. Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary.

in the description or on the description?

Some examples from the web: Thus, the structure of Minkowski space is still essential in the description of general relativity.; It is usually used in the description of desmoplastic small round cell tumors.; Further details are available in the description of I3 activity group.; This would be mentioned in the description.; The link to this website is left in the description.

Job Description Examples & Templates [Free 1000+]

Updated for 2023, get free job description templates & examples for 1000+ jobs. Responsibilities, duties and requirements researched and ready to go.

How to Write Meta Descriptions | Google Search Central

Control your snippets in search results. A snippet is the description or summary part of search result on Google Search and other properties (for example, Google News). Google uses a number of different sources to automatically determine the appropriate snippet, including descriptive information in the meta description tag for each …

11 Tips for Writing YouTube Descriptions | Sprout Social

4. Add call-to-action words & links. It's wise — and best practice — to link your social media handles in your YouTube descriptions. And separate from sharing those links are the ones associated with the video. These links can be calls-to-action to read a blog post, purchase a product or general additional information.

Write The Perfect Meta Description (2023 Best Practices!)

What Is The Optimal Length For A Meta Description? The optimal length for a meta description is between 100-150 characters. Google often cuts off meta descriptions that go beyond the 150 character limit. The meta description should be long enough to describe the page, but short enough to be easy to read.

ESL002 (2019.A.01): What is Description? | Saylor Academy

An adjective is a word that describes a noun (a person, a place, or a thing). Read this article for an understanding of how adjectives give us information about something so we can better understand it. The goal of description is to convey a person, place or thing in such a way that a picture is formed in the reader's mind.

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description tradução: descrição, descrição [feminine]. Veja mais em Dicionário Cambridge inglês-português

What Are Meta Descriptions And How to Write Them

Include compelling ad copy in your description. The meta description tag serves the function of advertising copy. It draws readers to a website from the SERP, and thus is a very visible and important part of search marketing. A page's meta description should intelligently employ the page's target keywords, in a natural, non-spammy way that ...

Description definition and meaning | Collins English …

1. variable noun A description of someone or something is an account which explains what they are or what they look like. Police have issued a description of the …

Description in Fiction | The Editor's Blog

Description creates a sense of place—for the reader. Description fills in setting details and character details for the reader who would otherwise be unable to see or hear them. For all our efforts at making a story real, for putting readers inside the fictional world, the readers aren't actually there.

Discription vs. Description — What's the Difference?

The act of describing; a delineation by marks or signs. A sketch or account of anything in words; a portraiture or representation in language; an enumeration of the essential qualities of a thing or species. Milton has descriptions of morning. A class to which a certain representation is applicable; kind; sort.

Character Descriptions: How To Write Them (in 3 Steps)

1. Choose your words carefully. When writing character descriptions, it's easy to get ahead of yourself. After all, this is the first time you're introducing a character you've created from the ground up. But just because you know everything about them, doesn't mean the reader needs to.

DESCRIPTION | English meaning

description definition: 1. something that tells you what something or someone is like: 2. of all types: 3. to be…. Learn more.

Significado de description en inglés

description significado, definición, qué es description: 1. something that tells you what something or someone is like: 2. of all types: 3. to be…. Saber más.


de·scrip·tion. (dĭ-skrĭp′shən) n. 1. The act, process, or technique of describing. 2. A statement or an account describing something: published a description of the journey; …

What Is a Descriptive Essay? Examples and Guide

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that involves describing a person, object, or any type of noun. We guide you through writing one with examples.

How to Write an App Description

Start with ASO (App Store Optimization) The first step in crafting an effective app description is optimizing it for App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO involves using targeted keywords in the app …

How to Write a Job Description

Include a list of hard and soft skills. Of course, the job description should specify. education, previous job experience, certifications and technical skills required for the role. You may also include soft skills, like communication and problem solving, as well as personality. traits that you envision for a successful hire.

Descriptive Essay: Definition, Topics, and Examples

A descriptive essay gives a detailed description of the topic and paints a picture with words in the reader's mind. It could be about an object, place, person, emotion, situation, or anything. It is used to sharpen the analytical abilities of the students, which is helpful in further education and professional life.

Describe to Immerse Readers (Complete Guide)

As Oxford Learner Dictionaries define it: 'a piece of writing or speech that says what somebody/something is like; the act of writing or saying in words what somebody/something is like'. Description: Creates tone and mood (for example, whether a scene is bright, dark, cheerful, ominous)

List of Descriptive Words: Adjectives, Adverbs, & Participles

Spice up your writing with this list of descriptive words. Get some inspiration for adding extra detail and personality into your vocabulary.

What Is a Meta Description? [+ SEO & Writing Tips]

In this case study, an online music store compared a CTA-focused meta description (the control) against a product-focused meta description (the variant). The experiment showed that the product-focused meta description increased clicks by 2.2%. SplitSignal also allows you to perform SEO experiments on title tags, headers, and much …

Description Definition & Meaning | YourDictionary

Description definition: The act, process, or technique of describing. Origin of Description Middle English descripcioun from Anglo-Norman from Latin dēscrīptiō dēscrīptiōn-from dēscrīptus past participle of dēscrībere to write down describe. From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition From Old French description, from Latin …

17 Tips for Writing Effective YouTube Descriptions [Free …

17 tips for writing YouTube descriptions. 1. Be specific. Your choice of keywords is important for both YouTube channel and video descriptions. The keywords in your descriptions will help YouTube's algorithm understand, categorize, and surface your content. The more specific the keywords are, the better.

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